Bringing fresh seafood to life!

Bringing Fresh Seafood To Life!

Here at Lonestar Lobster, we have two loves - our people and our products. We specialize in live seafood and seafood so fresh it might as well be live. Our team is committed to “Bringing Seafood to Life” whether it is direct to your local supermarket, restaurant or dinner table we strive to source and supply the best of our God-given seafood resources for you – our customer.

Live Lobster

Our cold water lobster, Homarus americanus, is harvested off of the East Coast of North America.  Unlike warm water lobsters or “spiny lobsters” cold water lobsters have claws and white, tender meat with a salty-sweet flavor profile.  Our supply is vertically integrated directly back to docks along the coast of Maine and Canada.  Our direct access to fishing boats coupled with our vast distribution network enables us to care for our product from boat to table.  You can and will taste the difference!

Live Dungeness Crab

Our Dungeness crab, Metacarcinus magister, is harvested from the chilly waters of the Pacific Ocean.  Our strategic partnerships in Anacortes and surrounding areas allow us direct access to the salty-sweet flavored meat of the undisputed King of the Pacific – The Dungeness Crab!

Live Crawfish (in season)

Our crawfish are fresh off of the ponds of South Louisiana and East Texas.  We offer graded, washed and field run sack varieties in season.

Live Shellfish

Our shellfish line includes the Atlantics best varieties of clams, mussels, and east coast oysters.  By partnering with boutique harvesters and streamlining our logistics network we offer some of the best tag dates in the South.  Please call for a complete product list.

Fresh Seafood Products

Our strategic partnerships with Gulf Fish aficionados have enabled us to bridge the gap between the live seafood world to the “so fresh it could still be swimming” world of fish.  Our team has a combined 40 plus years in the Gulf Fish industry and a wealth of knowledge to boot!  We focus on….


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